‘Wacky race’ brings pensioners together for a fun day out

‘Wacky races’, funded by the Arbroath COPD Group, brought together several pensioners for a fun day of races. The event in Scotland raised money for awareness of COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). This is an event that can easily be organised in your local area with several mobility scooters for hire.

Mobility Scooters for hire race charity events

The participants had hours of fun whizzing around in their mobility scooters at speeds of up to 8mph, racing each other for victory. The event included activities that helped new and advanced drivers build their confidence with using mobility scooters.

The organisers wanted to impact the lives of people who may feel ‘trapped’ indoors by disability or age, by showing them that can also take part in fun and active events. Organiser, Donald Downie said:

“It is an opportunity for people who have been considering whether or not to buy a scooter to come along and try one out in a controlled environment with no hazards and to have a go in some fun events on a course designed for mobility scooter users.”

Downie highlighted how a mobility scooter can completely change someone’s life. A mobility scooter can give users a feeling of independence as it allows them to not be dependent on friends, family or carers. Downie noted how that “for many, loneliness is a huge problem.”

The event was one of its kind in Scotland, and we can imagine the success of the day can see similar events going nationwide. Participants took part in learner driving training, wacky races and time trials. The day aimed to put a smile on disabled and elderly mobility scooters faces as they participated in silly events, whilst also learning valuable skills.

There a vast range of mobility scooters to hire. From small and easily-portable ones that can fit in the boot of the car to large ones equipped with outdoor capabilities, you can find one to best suit your lifestyle.

Would you like to see an event like this in the South West?

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